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prism perfect /// we gotta be big

tv20in20: Being Human (US)

tv20in20: Being Human (US)

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Peep-Colorful Billie!
tv20in20: Being Human (US)


bright colors faceless funny letter multi level
name outside profile sad sepia

1 2 3 4 5

1 2 3 4 5


All texture/font credits can be found HERE. If you'd like to know about a specific font/credit, please comment your request.

My awards page can be found here.

If you like what you see, comment.
If you take what you see, credit.
Or any combination of the two.
Thank you.
  • SO MUCH LOVE! I'm going to have to steal some.
    • Thank you! (What's funny is that I like alot of this, but there are some I left in just because I couldn't make anything else. Like "Funny". I HATE FUNNY. I wish I could've thought of something else, but it just wouldn't come.) (And don't get me started on "sepia". There's a reason I don't do it in any of my icons, LOL.)

      I'm surprisingly fond of this show, LOL. I LOVE the original, but I like this one too. (What's ironic about that is my best friend hates the original, but likes this one.)
      • I like them both, but equally and for different reasons.

        Your icons really help me the more I look at them. I owe somebody a fic for this fandom, and I haven't been able to kick my butt into writing it. :P
        • Exactly! With remakes, I always find it best to seperate them in my mind. They're not connected, not tied in any way, and thus I can appreciate them both. UK seems more...serious and so very British, and then US has a bit more levity to it, definitely lighter in tone (not to mention they're going off in a whole new direction canon-wise).

          I'm glad to help inspire you, LOL.
  • These are wonderful!
  • Love sepia, cat #3 and ac #1 :)
  • These are awesome! My favorites are faceless, letter, profile, sepia, and AC 4. Great job!
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