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prism perfect /// we gotta be big

Small batch of icons...

Small batch of icons...

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Peep-Billie glows.
I can't help it, Andy Whitfield is ridiculously chiseled and I wants to lick him.

23 Icons:
[01-22] Spartacus: Blood and Sand
[23-23] Andy Whitfield



Text-less icons are NOT bases. If you'd like to add text to something, comment or message me and we'll work something out.

All texture/font credits can be found HERE. If you'd like to know about a specific font/credit, please comment your request.

My awards page can be found here.

If you like what you see, comment.
If you take what you see, credit.
Or any combination of the two.
Thank you.
  • I'm glad you liked them! These were the only caps I could really find for the show so I did what I could, but I hope you enjoy them!
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