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prism perfect /// we gotta be big

Recent Entries

Icons by Paynesgrey and coldqueen




October 15th, 2011

94 Icons:
[01-35] Legend of the Seeker
[36-64] Doctor Who
[65-87] Various (Game of Thrones, Haven, Ringer, Revenge)
[88-94] Billie Piper

3 Banners:
[1] Billie Piper
[2] Doctor Who


I cut my teeth on rock and roll, down silver streets and avenues of gold...Collapse )

September 26th, 2011


Marvel comics [15] Scarlet Witch, Hope Summers, Karolina, Polaris, Dr. Doom, Young Avengers, Thor, Lady Loki
Thor: movie [6] Darcy/Loki, Darcy Lewis, Loki/Thor, Group
X-Men First Class [4] Emma Frost, Raven/Charles, Raven
Doctor Who [4] River Song, Eight
Nine Lives of Chloe King [3]
Ringer [3]
Power Rangers Samurai [2] Antonio
Misc. Fandoms [7] True Blood (Tara), Alphas (Gary, Rachel), Marilyn Monroe, Covert Affairs, 2 Broke Girls, Game of Thrones (Dany), The Hunger Games (trio)


Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

ZE ICONSCollapse )

June 18th, 2011

Round up time!

95 Icons
[01-25] Legend of the Seeker
[26-59] Doctor Who
[60-68] Supernatural
[69-75] I Dream of Jeannie
[76-95] Dianna Agron


Haven't you seen me sleep walking? 'Cause I've been holding your hand, haven't you noticed me drifting? Oh, let me tell you I am.Collapse )

April 12th, 2011

80+ Icons

Peep-Colorful Billie!
Time for my monthly(ish) batch of icons, a round-up of random stuff I've made and my entries for icontests.

85 Multi-Fandom Icons:
[01-20] Legend of the Seeker
[21-46] Doctor Who
[47-54] Doctor Who (starring Damien Lewis as the Doctor and Billie Piper as his companion)
[55-63] Supernatural
[64-76] Teh Pretties (Candice Accola, Sarah Shahi, Ksenia Solo)
[77-85] Text Only (song lyrics, Life quotes)

1 Header:
Legend of the Seeker


Saw murder in her eyes - The dark of a thousand crows - Cold thriller in disguise - Blue shadows stitched to her toes...Collapse )
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